Coaching & Training Services

Learn new ways to be an effective, productive leader with the tools to improve focus, handle challenges and resolve conflicts.  We can help you create a positive work environment that encourages trust and creativity.


We are a certified Peoplemap Service Provider.  We offer Peoplemap programs for you and your team including Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Team Building, 


Skills learned through these programs work at each level in your orginization and create success in all departments. 


The PeoplemMap program will build better working relationships at all levels:

  • Between Managment and Staff

  • Among team members within departments

  • Between staff and clients/ customers

  • And even family members


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Executive & Leadership Services
Team Building/ Group Coaching

Coaching is an investment in one of your greatest assests..... Your team.


We can help your group develop team player thinking, reduce stress and conflicts among team members and increase effective communication.

Some of the areas our Executive and Team Building programs address are:

  • Leadership

  • Goal setting

  • Relationships

  • Communication

  • Motivation



Women's Coaching Services

Looking for an in-person workshop or personal one on one sessions? We offer several women-specific workshops for individuals as well as teams.  Other workshop themes include Goal Setting, Vision Board and Life By Design.



One on One coaching packages generally include three to four 45 minute sessions per month with worksheets and email support between sessions. Sessions are generally conducted over the phone but in-house sessions are available depending on your location.  We also offer single sessions to address a specific  issue (laser coaching) and specialized packages tailored to fit your needs and budget.


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Back again for 2016......


Women's Wellness Series with our 8 week

Life Under Construction Workshop


Are you stressed, busy, tired? Want to reclaim YOUR priorities?  Find more time to live your life by design and not by default? Let us provide you a "Lesson Plan for Change"!


This is a unique opportunity to spend an hour a week for 8 weeks on YOUR GAME PLAN.  I will guide you through indentifying and extinguishing your "stuck points", set goals and begin working towards what really MATTERS TO YOU! I will keep you on track and hold you accountable. Let's reclaim YOU and your priorities, detox your relationships and find where you are wasting time and energy.  If you need a LIFE MAKEOVER, this is for YOU.  


How it works... You don't even need to leave your home or office. You can participate in the weekly telephone coaching sessions in the comfort of your home, office or the great outdoors.  This is EASY ladies!!  All you need to do is register, provide a phone number and email with your payment and you are set.  We will contact you with "call-in" information and documents you will need for class.


Who will benefit?  If you ever said, "I'm really good at taking care of everyone else, but I wear too many hats or try to do it all..." then this is for you. If you have ever thought "I have some trouble with good boundaries, time management, balance in my life"...then this is for you, too.  Have sometimes felt overwhelmed, exhausted and anxious?...or have frequently asked yourself .."is this really all there is?"...this is for YOU...Let's get started!!


How will you benefit?  You will be encouraged, supported and held accountable.  You will gain clarity and insight into what is important to you and how you can achieve and maintain it. Together we will clear the decks and the clutter (in both your mind and physical spaces) and begin working towards YOUR priorities. Let's identify your stuck points and move FORWARD!  If not now, then when?


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Women's Wellness Series

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